photos provided by homeowners and the
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
2nd Annual
Home for the Holidays
Historic Home Tour

Five traditionally decorated residences of varying architectural styles

Saturday and Sunday, December 6 and 7, 2008
4-8 pm

Tickets $10; available in advance at:

  • Bronx Zoo, 1300 East Main Street, Belleville – phone 618-234-8743
  • Crystal and Spice Shoppe, 318 East Main Street, Belleville – phone 618-234-5648
  • Forgotten Treasures, 1012 West Main Street, Belleville – phone 618-233-0090

Tickets and maps available on tour days at Belleville Masonic Temple, 225 East “A” Street

Old houses tell stories, and some of Belleville’s loveliest old homes have holiday tales to tell. Citizens Reviving Historic Belleville invites you to come Home for the Holidays and make their stories part of your own.